You often hear us talk about cybersecurity in the digital space with proper security tools and monitoring, but today we are going to talk about cybersecurity in the physical world and some physical things you can do to help improve your cybersecurity posture.

One very common thing hackers and cybercriminals will do is spy on you thru accessing your webcam without your consent. When this happens, they can see everything your camera can see, and this is obviously a huge privacy concern.

Today we introduce you to Webcam Shields. These are little stickers that you put over your camera on your phone or laptop, they have a little slider on them that you can slide open and closed whenever you want to use your camera.

By using a webcam shield, even if your webcam is compromised, all a hacker would see is a black image because your camera is covered with the shield. This will give you extra piece of mind and ensure your web camera only ever see’s what you want it to see.
Stay safe everyone.

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