Everybody despises spam. However, given how effective spam filters are now, perhaps you do not think it will have a significant impact on your company.

Hold on until you hear this. Everyone on your team might squander up to 80 hours a year going through and deleting junk emails, according to a recent report.

Every day, spam makes up between 45% and 85% of all emails sent. According to research, someone who only receives 30 external emails every day will likely lose 5 hours a year.

The people whose time is wasted the most are business owners and managers. You will spend 80 hours a year sorting and reporting emails if you receive more than 100 external emails per day.

That kills productivity when multiplied throughout your team. Your email service has options that can help shield you from additional spam. Additionally, training could prevent your staff from clicking on harmful links and help them identify spam messages more quickly.

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