It is difficult to predict which emerging technologies will have an impact on your business.

Choose wisely and you could increase productivity, employee engagement, and profit.

However, if you get it wrong, everything will fall apart.

Looking ahead to 2023 and beyond, here are the top three tech trends you should be aware of...

Number one tech trend is automation.

Over the next few years, nearly half of all business processes could be automated.

What repetitive tasks do humans perform in your business that software could do for them?

The second tech trend is mobile connectivity.

An additional 4.3 billion devices, ranging from cars to computers, will use mobile technology to access services by 2025. And it's a trend that's only going one way.

The third tech trend for 2023 and beyond is cloud computing.

Cloud technologies are already used by 70% of businesses. By 2025, three-quarters of enterprise data - that is, data processed by the largest corporations - will be stored in the cloud

Have you considered these technologies for your company? And how might they affect the way you work?

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