Hosted VoIP Calling Features

Our Hosted PBX Services offer an extensive amount of free calling features that you will not find with a traditional telephone provider. We are constantly evolving our calling features to help enhance your productivity. We are open to, and appreciate, all client feedback as we continually grow our features and services. Below you will find some of the main features that we offer.

Chat / Instant Messaging

Secure private chat server with each PBX Work from anywhere on any device Chat securely in real time with your team members from anywhere in the world

Caller ID

Inbound & outbound caller ID Custom caller ID on call queues Custom caller ID (pass-through or PBX caller ID)

Outbound Call Control
(Local / TF & International)

Enable/disable OnNet calling Send local calls over any carrier in our lineup Enable/disable failover call routing Optional send toll free calls via Canada or USA carrier

Menu Auto Attendant Call Control

Graphical display of your menu structure Add/remove menu options Add/remove sub menus Link extensions & queues to menu options Add/remove audio playback to menu options Time of day based call rules


Queue ring style (music or ring) Queue ring duration Add/remove queues Add/remove members of a queue Caller ID control options control what you see when someone enters a queue


North American Emergency Services Control & provision your address info via portal

Hours of operation

Configure custom hours for menus
(open menu, after hours menu, holiday menu etc...)
Create unlimited number of time based rules

Paging (Intercom)

Create custom paging groups Add / remove extensions from paging groups

Music on Hold

Choose from several different categories of FREE on-hold music Option to have your own custom music on hold created

Phone Numbers

Number porting Toll free numbers Vanity number searches Fax numbers

Fax Services

View / send / receive faxes by fax machine View / send / receive faxes by portal View / receive faxes by email

Security & Preferences Options

Allow remote voicemail accessories Allow call relay Allow agent logoff Allow call pickup Allow remote follow me Allow do not annoy IP black list

Audio Recordings

Optional call recording services (records all Inbound & outbound calls) Custom voicemail prompts (busy, unavailable, vacation, temp greetings) Custom menu prompts (open menu, after-hours menu, holiday menu, promo messages


Multiple extensions (hardware, softphone, virtual) Voicemail to email (wav & pdf) Voicemail transcription (voicemail transcribed into text) Enable/disable outbound (PSTN) calling per extension Enable/disable outbound (International) calling per extension Control ring duration Failover number support (re-routes calls to a different number if your internet is down) Custom ring style (music, or ring) Privacy manager (forces blocked caller id callers to enter their phone number) Do not disturb Call forwarding Follow me Login or logout of queues Paging groups (intercom)

Call Control

Blacklist Do-not-annoy Community tele-spam block


Real-time account management Real-time Invoice tracking Real-time call detail records Dedicated chat services (instant message with team members) Call detail records Click to call Multi user

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