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Cloud Desktop Features

A Cloud Desktop can do anything your PC can do, and it can do it better! It literally can do the same things as any regular computer and more! It offers great benefits like – it can be accessed from any where in the world from any computer or mobile device. There are also further features and advantages over a regular computer:

  • Cloud Desktop Features
  • 1. Run any Software Application

    Download and run any software or cloud service on your Cloud Desktop e.g. Microsoft Office, Photoshop, Adobe, etc.
  • 2. Remote File Access

    All of your computer files and folders are in one place. Every single one of them. You no longer have to move your files around on a USB drive.
  • 3. Access from ANY Device

    Access your Cloud Desktop from any computer, smartphone or tablet with ease.
  • 4. No Syncing

    Syncing is not required because you can access your Cloud Desktop from any device.
  • 5. Remote Control

    Remotely control computers from an iPad or any tablet.
  • 6. Secure File Storage

    You can’t lose a Cloud Desktop. It’s in the Cloud! Never lose your files, folders, software applications, etc.
  • 7. Low IT Costs

    Pay what you use on a monthly or yearly basis. No investment into expensive hardware, IT staff or licenses required.