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Cloud Desktop Overview

  • Cloud Desktop Overview
  • 1. What is a MYDWARE Cloud Desktop?

    It is an entire PC system sitting inside our secure data-center. No need to load up all your files and programs on your laptop anymore. Your computer is now in the Cloud and accessible from anywhere with an internet connection. No matter where you are or what device you are using, you can log on to the Cloud Desktop and access the same computer – your computer.

    This is different than a traditional desktop which opens to a desktop, but all your programs and files are only accessible from that specific computer. MYDWARE Cloud Desktop can be securely accessed from any computer, mobile device or tablet with an internet connection. Best of all, once connected, all your programs and files are right where you left them, just like on your home or office desktop.

  • 2. The Full Computer Experience – in a Cloud

    Everything you love about your computer is accessible from anywhere! We’re not talking about accessing only your files. We’re talking about accessing your entire computer system: operating system, software applications, files, folders, the kitchen sink – everything!

    Okay, so what is the Cloud?

    The easiest way to understand the Cloud is to think of it as a utility, like electricity. You only pay for as much electricity as you use. The Cloud works on the same principle.

    Through your Internet connection, you can access whatever apps, files, or data you have opted to store in the Cloud Desktop, and you only pay for those apps that you want to use. You can work securely from your home, the airport, or while waiting at a doctor’s office.

  • 3. No More Syncing!

    Syncing was yesterday. Cloud Desktop is today. There is no need to sync your Cloud Desktop with your own computer/smartphone. No syncing required! Whether it’s your computer, your friend’s tablet, or your sister’s smartphone, when you open up your Cloud Desktop it will always be the same from any device.