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Security & Access

  • Cloud Desktop Secure
  • 1. How safe is a Cloud desktop?

    An easy way to think of security in the Cloud is to compare it to money in your wallet vs. money in the bank. Money that is kept in your wallet is not secured; you could easily lose it. On the other hand, money that is kept in a bank is stored securely and cannot be lost.

    The same can be said of the files on your computer. They are susceptible to natural disaster, hackers, and many other dangers, but if you store them in the Cloud, the Cloud provider has professional staff whose job it is to keep data safe.

    Since your machine runs in the Cloud, if something happens to your desktop, laptop, or tablet all of your files and apps are protected, because all of your important information and files exist in the Cloud - not on your hard drive. Our Cloud data centers are protected by multiple layers of security; taking every measure necessary to keep your information secure. Our system offers daily backups, and disaster recovery; all of which offer your business the security it needs so you can focus on your number-one priority, your business.
  • 2. How do I access my Cloud Desktop?

    When you sign up for a MYDWARE Cloud Desktop account, a unique machine will automatically be created for you. To access your machine from then on, you will use a simple remote desktop client called 2X Client. Alternately you may also use one of our Atrust thin clients which are a tiny little machine that you can even mount on the back of your LCD screen.