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Why Use A Cloud Desktop?

  • Cloud Desktop Why
  • 1. Freedom To Move Around With Your Data!

    Traditionally, you would download programs and save files to your local computer or servers and would only be able to access them from those particular machines.

    With MYDWARE Cloud Desktop you eliminate this dependence and give your team the freedom to work more efficiently from your office - or from anywhere - at any time, from any internet connected device. Your team can respond to your customers immediately and never again have to utter the words “I’ll get you that information when I get back to the office.”
  • 2. Get Rid Of Expensive Software Licenses

    Using MYDWARE Cloud Desktop is like using electricity. You only pay for the electricity that you actually use. Similarly, because of the Cloud, MYDWARE Cloud Desktop allows you to pay only for the Cloud apps you use. You can even add or remove apps on a monthly basis.
  • 3. Never Again Worry About Hardware

    MYDWARE Cloud Desktop is accessible from a Web browser without relying upon a piece of on premise hardware. Your team can work on PCs or Macs, new or old. In fact, any device that connects to the Internet will do - even slower and older devices - since all the work is being done in the Cloud and not on your computer!

    Stop worrying about your server crashing and what it may do to your time. Just like electricity, your MYDWARE Cloud Desktop is always there.
  • 4. Reduce Your IT Headaches

    Imagine an employee spends an average of 30 minutes a day, or even an hour a week, fixing IT headaches. Take that number, multiply it by your hourly cost per employee, then multiply that by the number of employees, and you have a staggering figure. MYDWARE Cloud Desktop ends this waste of time and resources. Cloud desktops are maintained by MYDWARE; they don’t require downloads, they don't require you to do Windows Updates or Antivirus Updates, and won’t conflict with your operating system or computers, and all updates are automatically performed while your team is asleep.