{"title":"Clustered Hosting","description":"Achieve reliability by moving your site from a single server environment to an Enterprise Grade Cluster of specialized servers. Rather than have one server handle Web, FTP, Mail, MySQL and so on... we have separate and dedicated servers to handle each core function. This free's resources on every server and allows it to run at optimal speed and performance. In addition to this, each core server is fully redundant - in the event of hardware failure, there is a standby server or hot swappable part waiting to fulfill its role.\r\n

\r\nEnjoy the Benefits of RAID protection for all of your data. We utilize Continuous Data Protection to backup your data multiple times and even give you access to the backup system to restore your files whenever you need to.\r\n

\r\nEach server is equipped with the following features:<\/b>
\r\n- Hot Swappable, Redundant Fans
\r\n- Hot Swappable SCSI Hard Drives with RAID
\r\n- Hot Swappable, Redundant Power Supply Units
\r\n- Redundant Network Interface Cards (NICs)
\r\n- Full Data Backups
\r\n- Full Maintenance

\r\nMYDWARE Value Adds<\/b>
\r\n- Integrated domain purchasing
\r\n- Integrated SSL purchasing
\r\n- Free Site Builder
\r\n- Free Anti-Spam\/Virus
\r\n- Enterprise Anti-Spam\/Virus available
\r\n- Advanced Ajax based web mail client
\r\n- Continuous Data Protection