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How “Hosted Exchange/IMAP” Can Solve All Your E-mail Problems
While Saving You BIG $$$

If you are a small to medium sized business that has frequent e-mail problems, including servers going down, slow performance, too many spam e-mails and high IT support and software costs, read on.

Hosted Exchange or IMAP is often a much cheaper and easier way of getting rid of all these issues at a much lower cost to your company. Here’s how it works:

Instead of purchasing and maintaining your e-mail in-house, which can be costly and time consuming, your Exchange or IMAP server is hosted (and maintained) in our high-performance, high-security data centers “in the cloud” where you can access it securely from any device or PC.

Best of all, you don’t have to make any changes in HOW you access your e-mail – your messages will simply be delivered to your inbox, phone, or other device faster and with fewer issues, and it will always be synchronized and up-to-date!

Here are just a few of the advantages:

  • Email and Website traffic are on different servers. This is important because if ever there is an issue with your website, your webserver or IP blacklisting your emails are not affected as they run on a totally different network on completely different hardware. Failure of one does not result in failure of the other
  • Full 2 Way Synchronization of messages. Emails sent on your computer appear on your phone and vice versa. All your folders, Sent, Trash etc. are synchronized and visible no matter which device or how many devices you use.
  • No more server software, hardware or maintenance costs. YOU don’t have to purchase the hardware and software, nor do you have to maintain the system. This is all included in a very low monthly fee.
  • High speed, “always on” e-mail. The hosted Exchange platforms that we provide to our clients are high-performance systems with multiple “fail over” backup servers, maintained and monitored like Fort Knox – something you normally wouldn't be able to afford for your small business. However, when you're hosted on this platform, you get all the benefits of a high-performance system without the costs. Your in-house network could go down and you’d STILL have access to your e-mail, contacts and calendar.
  • Automatic backups and archiving. What would you do if your in-house e-mail server failed and erased your messages? Or what if a disgruntled employee deleted all their e-mails? If you were hosting your Exchange or IMAP in our datacenter, these would be non-issues since your e-mails would be backed up daily and secured.
  • Faster set up. Installing an Exchange or IMAP server can take days. When you host in our datacenter, setting up a new user takes minutes.
  • Access your e-mail and calendar from anywhere. You don’t have to remote into your office PC; now you can securely access your e-mail from any device or PC.

Want to know if hosted Exchange or IMAP is right for you? Call us for a no-obligation, no-pressure demonstration of how hosted Exchange or IMAP works and how much it will save your company in hardware, software and support costs. If you decide to switch your e-mail to a hosted solution with us (and you are under no obligation), we’ll give you your email migration services FREE.

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