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Fax Fusion FAQ

  • Fax Fusion
  • 1. What is FaxFusion Archiving?

    Archiving is an optional add-on providing companies with long term permanent fax retention of every fax you receive. This add-on service allows customers to meet compliance regulations and can assist in discovery and recovery of business critical faxes. This service provides unlimited secure storage space so customers can store all their inbound faxes indefinitely.
  • 2. What is Fax Fusion?

    MYDWARE FaxFusion is a hosted fax solution which enables companies to get rid of their expensive traditional fax lines. FaxFusion offers all the same features of traditional fax lines, and a whole lot more.

    FaxFusion includes a whole bunch of new FEATURES (link to features page) and extends the realm of fax options to areas traditional fax services could never dream of. By switching from traditional analog fax service to our eFax services we enable companies to have greater flexibility and control over their inbound and outbound faxes.
  • 3. What File Formats Are Supported?

    Our outbound portal fax service can accommodate the following file formats:
    Adobe Acrobat .pdf Files
    Plain Text .txt Files
    Images in .gif Format
    Images in .png Format
    Images in .jpg Format
    Images in .jpeg Format
    Images in .tif Format
    Microsoft .doc Word Files
    Microsoft .docx Word Files
    Microsoft .xls Excel Files
    Microsoft .xlsx Excel Files
    Webpage .htm Files
    Webpage .html Files
  • 4. How is FaxFusion Different than T.38 Faxing?

    FaxFusion uses FoIP (Fax over IP) technology which is nothing like T.38 faxing. For starters, FoIP is stable, it’s reliable, and delivery of outbound and inbound faxes by fax machine is virtually guaranteed, even on internet connections with high latency. This is a huge improvement over T.38 which would routinely fail if there was even the slightest hiccup in your internet connection. T.38 often involved complicated advanced settings to be tweak on your ATA to work with your fax machine, and not all ATA's supported T.38.

    With FoIP, when someone sends you a fax – our Fax Fusion servers will receive the fax just as any ordinary fax machine would – but then it does something special – instead of transmitting to your ATA in real time in an all or nothing fashion, it instead sends it as chunks of data much like a webserver sends a webpage to your computer. Only after the ATA has received all the data chunks does the ATA ring your fax machine. Your fax machine is none the wiser and prints out the fax as it would if it was connected to a traditional phone line.

    Conversely, when you send a fax out from your machine, your actually sending the fax to the ATA, once your machine as sent the entire fax into the memory of the ATA, the ATA begins to break up the fax into chunks of data and submits it securely to our data center where the fax is pieced back together and delivered over traditional phones lines to its destination. This is how delivery of faxes is virtually guaranteed to work on any internet connection (even dial-up!)
  • 5. How is FaxFusion Different than a Traditional Fax Line?

    Traditional fax lines are nothing more than phone lines which transmit faxes in and out to and from fax machines. While the service is reliable it’s typically expensive to maintain, and is tied to brick and mortar locations. If you want to send faxes from your computer or receive to your computer specialized software or machines are required and are typically very expensive.

    FaxFusion takes sending and receiving faxes to a whole new level, offering unparalleled features that traditional phone service simply cannot compete with. Here are some of the highlights.

    • Not tied to brick and mortar, your fax number can go where you go
    • Faxes can be delivered as PDF to multiple recipients or fax machines
    • Faxes can be sent to multiple recipients without even being at the machine
    • Faxes can be archived and recovered at any time
    • Its multi-user, you can share one fax number with members of your team
    • Security, since you can control which email address faxes are sent to, you no longer have to keep the machine in a locked office
    • Flexibility, faxes can be sent by email, to the machine or both

    Of course, there are many other benefits and use-cases to FaxFusion over Traditional Fax Lines, but these are just some of the highlights.