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The Top 6 Reasons Construction Services and Trades Companies in the GTA and Simcoe County Choose MYDWARE As Their IT Guy
1. We SPECIALIZE in Construction Services companies. We understand your incredibly hectic and stressful work schedule, we understand one of your biggest overhead expenses is your staff, when they can’t work you are losing money! WE GET IT! You need a reliable, trustworthy IT provider you can count on, and who follows thru on promises and deadlines!
2. We're REPUTABLE and understand your industry. We've been in business in the GTA and Simcoe County for 20 YEARS, we understand your industry and its challenges. Our client retention rate is 95%, majority of our clients have been with us for 5 YEARS OR MORE.
3. You don’t work traditional office hours, we get it! We understand you do not work the normal "9-to-5" day, we provide custom support hours to enable you and your staff ,no matter when or what projects you are working on.
4. Finger pointing vendors are SO FRUSTRATING, we get it. We integrate as a part of your team. We are your company’s one stop, go-to "IT Guy" for all your technology needs. We remove the finger pointing, blame game, time wasting, so you can focus on running your business!
5. We don’t keep your data hostage. Do you know the administrative passwords for all your computers and network resources? Do you have easy access to them? Most Construction Services companies don't. We provide regularly updated documentation on your network, assets, system health and administrative passwords so you hold the "keys to the kingdom" at all times.
6. We treat you like people, not just a screen. Too many IT firms you are just a number on a spreadsheet. To us, you are a person and a relationship. We know you by name, and value you as an individual, we see ourselves as a part of your team, not just a vendor you pay each month.

IT Services GTA & Simcoe County

IT Services

We'll manage all of your IT services for a flat rate fee.

Data Backup & Recovery

Your company's data is the most important aspect of your IT. Computer and server hardware can fail, data can be corrupted, lost, stolen and even targeted by cyber criminials. Prevent the unexpected from ruining your company.


Your business uses industry specific software and hardware that you need to work in tandem with your IT. When things go wrong and issues arise, we'll work with your vendors, on your behalf, to correct the issues so you can focus on running your business.

PBX & Fax

In addition to the plethora of FREE features we include, our clients, on average, can save up to 40% using our VoIP and fax services.


Let us connect your business using Wifi, Cable, DSL/Fibe or any combination of these.

& Email

True business grade website and email hosting. We NEVER oversell our servers to maximize profit. We focus on quality instead of quantity. Your business needs stable and reliable webhosting and email services and we totally get that!


We're vendor agnostic right across the board. We provide servers, switches, desktops PC, and/or laptops that are the right fit for your specific project.

Design & Cabling

Arguably, one of the most important parts of your company's IT, next to your data, is your network. In fact, it's the backbone that runs everything you use. Using business grade equipment we design, cable and build SOLID networks that you can RELY on.


Ensure your core network devices are running smoothly. When trouble arises, we'll know about it, and proactively work to resolve the problem.

& Cybersecurity

Do you know which websites your employees are visiting and eating up precious network bandwidth and slowing things down? Are you aware or alerted if resource usage is well above threshold on your core firewalls and switches? If you answered NO to any of these, you need our network monitoring solutions to protectively monitor and remediate issues before they become service impacting.

Dark Web

Is your private data or company available for sale on the dark web? Have your passwords to your bank, your email and other websites been compromised? We provide detailed dark web scanning and monitoring services to alert you when your private information is being sold on the dark web.

Security Awareness

It's a fact, over 80% of data breaches and cybersecurity events will be triggered unintentionally, or inadvertently by employees in your company. An educated, well-informed workforce is your best line of defense. We provide security awareness training for your entire staff.

IT Support Client Success Stories

I feel secure and supported - you guys hit the nail on the head every time

Our previous company barely got anything done and we had to follow up on everything. The commitment MYDWARE makes to us is greatly appreciated, you guys are a part of our office. Setting up our office was a tough decision. Now that we’re up and running I feel secure and supported. As we grew, we came to understand downtime with increased staff is very expensive. MYDWARE followed up on every issue at each stage to ensure that our goals were met. To me that is a must. Following up on items after they are completed to ensure satisfaction is just as important as doing them, and you guys hit that on the nail every time. Keep up the good work!!

Michael Lamanna
Skyview Group

We think of Darryl like a member of our family

We’ve been with MYDWARE for over 10 years now.   We get a single solution no nonsense provider for everything my company uses.   Darryl has always been fast, knowledgeable and friendly to deal with.   I always feel the advice he gives is transparent, professional and exactly what we need to address particular challenges we face.   We literally have every single one of our IT services with MYDWARE and things just work!   When I need help, it is a simple phone call or email away.

Aaron MacMurray
RF Hood Limited

You get what you pay for - My systems work! If anything goes wrong it gets fixed fast.

Since MYDWARE has been looking after our system, we have had little to no down time, viruses or malware.  The backup service provided to us is essential and makes me feel safe with my company’s data.  The new Cloud Desktop I just signed up for allows me to access the system from where ever I am, and that has been a huge bonus in time saving.  Yes it costs money but so does everything else, from good food, good wine, to clothes and cars.

Price is always on people’s minds, “am I paying too much for what I am getting”.  Well, I can honestly say that I know the answer.  I was working at a job when one owner said to the other “ why do we pay these guys this much” the other owner answered him the next week when all hell broke loose and we dealt with the situation and got to the solution as quick as possible,  “that’s why” he said.  When things go wrong, and they will, you want confident and reliable people to deal with it, and that costs, the right amount, not too much.

Michael Kipis
MJK Electric Inc

The biggest difference between other IT companies is there's no Darryl

We are a company who shopped our IT pricing after a door-to-door sales person told us how much we could save.   What a big mistake we made.   The initial offer made it sound significantly less however, there were so many hidden factors (like purchasing extremely expensive phone systems/software). Not mention during the switch over our service ended up being disconnected on three different occasions.   This provider was a large company and I was blown away by how much information was lost between departments.  It was such an unpleasant experience, we tried hard to cancel but we were now locked into a contract with high penalties if we were to cancel.  I have since moved my service back and it is such a relief! I’m too busy to stress over my IT and since we returned our phones and internet back to Darryl, it has taken away so many of my headaches.  Darryl stands behind his products and will go above and beyond to ensure his service is operating correctly

Darryl has managed our IT for the past 15 years.  If we have an issue, it’s a simple call and he resolves it.  If we require a new system or service Darryl always provides detailed options and different pricing. I trust Darryl and believe that he has our company’s best interest at heart. My typical answer when reviewing the different options is, “what do you think we should do” and most likely go off his response.

Whenever we hire a new employee Darryl we let Darryl know and he sets up their computers, email, cloud login and everything else from the IT stand point.

Darryl monitors our systems and automatically does updates and backups.  It is nice to have the single point-of-contact for all of our IT needs.

Dave Gerow
Triple J Contracting Inc.

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