Hosted Email Migration Services

Your move to MYDWARE is pain free with our migrations options. Select our self-service option using our easy MYDWARE migration app to move your email data. Or, opt for our fully supported options and let us handle your migration. With either option, you’re backed by a team of migrations experts every step of the way.

Self-Service Migrations
With the MYDWARE migration app, you can look forward to a smooth transition with no downtime and no loss of important messages. Start your migration with a few clicks in the control panel. If you need help, you can count on dedicated migration experts to help you along the way.

MYDWARE Migration App:
• Is free with no software to download
• Can be initiated and supervised from the control panel
• Moves email and folders
• Displays progress and stats during migration

Self-Service Migrations Are Ideal for:
• Companies with too many employees to efficiently undertake a manual migration
• Admins uncomfortable with the manual migration process
• Customers wanting to maintain maximum control over their migration

How It Works:
• Log into the control panel
• Upload your user spreadsheet
• Set up and schedule migration using the migration app
• Review migration summary report after migration is complete

Fully Supported Migrations:
Our migrations team has performed thousands of successful migrations. Fully supported migrations are monitored from start to finish by a migrations expert. With this option, you can populate your new MYDWARE mailboxes with minimal effort, no downtime and no worries about losing important messages.

Fully Supported Migrations:
• Include expert monitoring, support and error reporting
• Are priced-based on your current email environment
• Offer split domain routing to stagger mailbox migration over a specified period
• Can be scheduled within two business days of a successful test

Fully Supported Migrations Are Ideal for:
• Companies looking to populate new mailboxes without draining internal resources
• IT departments looking to offload the burden of migrating email data
• Organizations needing to move a massive amount of data quickly and reliably
• Customers who want the security of email experts migrating sensitive mail data

How It Works:
• Contact the migrations team to discuss needs
• Submit the Excel migrations spreadsheet and/or PST migrations worksheet
• View and approve estimate and migration date
• Test out your mailboxes post-migration

Fully Supported Migration Details:

Destination Mailbox Type Number of Mailboxes One-Time Fee Custom Pricing Applies If:
Microsoft Exchange 1 - 25 $200.00
only 26 - 75 $350.00 The public folder migration is more than 20GB
- or -
with MYDWARE email
> 75 Custom
MYDWARE Email 1 - 49 $100.00 The average mailbox size is more than 1GB
50 - 150 $200.00 Any single mailbox has more than
20,000 emails or 20 folders
MYDWARE Email Only > 150 Custom
More than 2 migration passes are

1. Custom pricing will be determined by working with a sales representative who will establish
your particular needs.

2. Microsoft Exchange migrations involve POP, IMAP or PST files and no mailbox may be more
than 10GB in size.

3. MYDWARE email migrations involve POP or IMAP, include email only and no mailbox may
be more than 10GB in size.

Please Note:
• All data migrations require a test migration to ensure a successful connection can be made to the external mail server. There is no fee for the test migration.

• The pricing is for all mailboxes on a domain. Multiple domains can be combined if they are
migrated from the same external mail server. Migrations from multiple mail servers are each
treated as independent migrations.

• Expedited migrations are possible to resolve email emergencies provided there is proper access to the current remote mail system. Additional fees may apply. Contact a sales representative to discuss your specific needs and get a quote.

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