Hosted IMAP Features

This is by no means an exhaustive list of features we offer, but here are some of the capabilities of our hosted IMAP services. We are constantly adding new features and improvements, if you have a great idea for a new feature we are always open to feedback from our clients.

Secure POP/IMAP Connection

Deliver email to your phones, desktops and mobile devices.

Custom Mailboxes

Professional email experience with email@your-domain.

Massive 25GB Mailboxes

Mailboxes so huge you'll have a tough time filling it up.

Migration Services

We can migrate your email from your old provider.

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Premium Anti-Spam & Antivirus

Three layer scanning helps keep your inbox safe.

Works With Hosted Exchange

Combine our IMAP email with our hosted exchange on the same domain.

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Outlook Auto-Setup

Quickly and easily setup Outlook with just username and password.


SSL encryption hides your data during transmission.

Daily Backups

We save email data nightly and you can preform 14-day restores.

50MB Attachments

Twice the size of many competitors!

Custom Email Filtering

Set filtering rules to deliver message wherever you want.

User Aliases

Setup as many email addresses you'd like and point them to your main email address.

Domain Aliases

Single user with two domains? No problem, receive emails for both domains in one mailbox.

Active Directory

Sync your active directory with your mailboxes for easy login and management.

Email Archiving

Unlimited storage and retention for a low monthly fee per mailbox.

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