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MYDWARE Internet Service FAQ

  • Internet Service
  • 1. Why Choose MYDWARE?

    MYDWARE is a third party internet provider which means our policies, procedures and way of doing business is different than our competitors. Here are some key things that make us different.

    • No long term contracts

    • No modem rental fees

    • Month to month service

    • Lower monthly fees

    • More bandwidth allowances

    • We manage your entire account (Sales, Support, Billing) meaning you never have to get on the phone with the other guys

  • 2. Who Is Ideally Suited For Our Internet Services?

    Our service is ideal and designed for customers who fall into any of the following categories:

    1. Customers who have other services with us and have been recommend our internet

    2. Customers who are able to be serviced on site by us (Greater Toronto Area)

    3. Customers who have their own dedicated IT people

    4. Customers who are savvy when it comes to setting up a modem or computer and are able to troubleshoot their own local network

    This is not to say if you do not meet the above criteria that we cannot service your location, these are merely suggestions to help you get the most out of getting internet from us.

  • 3. Who Installs The Internet Connection?

    Depending on your area, either a Rogers, Cogeco, Shaw or affiliate technician will come to your location and run the cable line for you. This will be your only interaction with them. Once the service is installed and running you will deal directly with us for everything else.

  • 4. Who Is Responsible For What?

    1. The underlying carrier is responsible for the service from the Road to your location.

    2. Customers are responsible for all inside wiring and devices beyond the modem.

    3. Typically when troubleshooting connectivity issues, you'll be asked to connect your computer directly to the modem to determine if the issue is inside your location or with the actual service.

  • 5. Who Do I Pay Each Month & What Payment Options Are Accepted?

    Your monthly invoice for internet will come from us, and we accept the following payment options.

    1. Visa

    2. Mastercard

    3. Online Banking (Scotiabank, CIBC, TD)

    4. Mail In Check (Needs to arrive before invoice due date to avoid service interruption)

    5. Email Transfer

  • 6. Who Do I Call If The Internet Stops Working?

    In most cases you can resolve the issue on your own by unplugging the modem and router, then plugging them back in. Other times it could be an outage in your area and you'll need to wait for Rogers, Cogeco, or Shaw to restore service to the area which may require a reboot of your modem. For all other issues you will contact us to report the issue.

  • 7. Will My Internet Be Faster With You?

    Generally speaking, your speed is going to depend greatly on the underlying carrier of the service, so at the end of the day the speed will depend on how good their infrastructure is to your house/office. That said, many of our clients have told us that once they switched to our internet they did see a speed increase – however we cannot promise or express any warranties about this.

  • 8. What Are the Installation Time Slots Like?

    We are able to offer installation bookings in the following windows:

    • AM 8am-11am

    • MID 11am-2pm

    • PM 2pm-5pm

    • EVE 5pm-8pm