Corporate Profile: MYDWARE IT Solutions Inc.


Knowledge, technical modernization and collaboration are at the center of MYDWARE. For more than two decades, we have focused on leveraging these resources to offer IT solutions that enhance our clients’ performance. Officially starting back in 1997, MYDWARE was busy creating software programs and utilities. At that time, we were selling custom software and utilities to companies across North America. The domain name, MYDWARE, was registered in 1999, and since then, the company has continued to experience growth as a business offering fully managed IT solutions to companies all over North America.


During the early 2000's, MYDWARE operated as a software development firm, releasing and selling software on a number of popular websites such as Tucows, ZNET, CNET and more. Simultaneously, during that time, the business was being expanded to offer onsite computer repair services to companies all over the GTA. This allowed MYDWARE to streamline repair services for local businesses by repairing their systems onsite in the clients’ offices. Such an initiative was uncommon during that time, as businesses typically would need to transport their hardware to a local computer repair shop, wait for it to be repaired, before finally picking it up, driving it back to their office and reconnecting it all on their own. This process cost companies huge amounts of productivity, staff wages and time. By offering repair services on-premise, MYDWARE greatly improved business continuity and profits for local businesses. MYDWARE brought the repair team to the business in need, allowing them to continue with their work without any interruptions. As a company, MYDWARE can support its clients with their entire IT stack.

This includes:
  • Websites and Email
  • Remote and On-Premise IT Services
  • Phone Systems
  • Cloud Desktops and Servers
  • Backup Solutions (On-Premise and MYDWARE Data Center)
  • And More...

MYDWARE believes in high ethical standards, as well as, good corporate governance to ensure its long-term success. Not only does MYDWARE offer exceptional services to clients, but has fostered a workplace that empowers MYDWARE employees to keep productivity levels at the desired rate. MYDWARE invests in its employees, equipping them with the latest skills, allowing them to contribute to the success of the company. At MYDWARE, we never stop learning and innovating, and this has been a core mission of the company since its inception. Such thinking creates the backbone of a company, allowing it and its employees to continue learning and have the ability to offer the best products and services to its clients.

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