The biggest difference between other IT companies is their leadership. MYDWARE actually cares and treats you like a person.

We are a company who shopped our IT pricing after a door-to-door sales person told us how much we could save.   What a big mistake we made.   The initial offer made it sound significantly less however, there were so many hidden factors (like purchasing extremely expensive phone systems/software). Not mention during the switch over our service ended up being disconnected on three different occasions.   This provider was a large company and I was blown away by how much information was lost between departments.  It was such an unpleasant experience, we tried hard to cancel but we were now locked into a contract with high penalties if we were to cancel.  I have since moved my service back and it is such a relief! I’m too busy to stress over my IT and since we returned our phones and internet back to MYDWARE, it has taken away so many of my headaches.  MYDWARE stands behind their products and will go above and beyond to ensure their service is operating correctly

MYDWARE has managed our IT for the past 15 years.  If we have an issue, it’s a simple call and they resolve it.  If we require a new system or service MYDWARE always provides detailed options and different pricing. I trust MYDWARE and believe that they have our company’s best interest at heart. My typical answer when reviewing the different options is, “what do you think we should do” and most likely go off their response.

Whenever we hire a new employee we simply let MYDWARE know and they setup the computer, email, cloud login and everything else from the IT stand point.

MYDWARE monitors our systems and automatically does updates and backups.  It is nice to have a single point-of-contact for all of our IT needs.

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