Expert Cybersecurity and IT Services

For Professional Services, Manufacturing, Aerospace & Construction Companies in the Greater Toronto Area and Simcoe County

Confidently lead your business into the future.

Strengthen your security

Enjoy peace of mind

Maximize your time

The cyber security landscape is constantly changing.

Defending your business requires expert planning, design, and adaptation.

Always feeling two steps behind?

Yesterday's solutions will not protect your business today. If you haven't looked at security since last year, your hard work is vulnerable to loss.

Worried about catastrophic consequences?

Cyber attacks can have devastating results. With the right support, your business can avoid leaked data, massive ransoms, and a destroyed reputation.

Frustrated because your current IT provider isn't getting the job done?

When your IT isn’t working, business grinds to a halt. You shouldn’t have to waste time dealing with downtime, lack of productivity and fires that need to be put out yesterday.

Reduce your risk and prepare for the future.

Why work with MYDWARE IT Solutions?


  • We will never hold your data hostage - you maintain visibility, control, and access
  • Your success, and not a vendor relationship, is our priority
  • Money-back guarantee

Cloud-First Approach

  • No more broken servers
  • Spend the holidays with your friends and family, not dealing with disasters on premises
  • Never run out of disk space or memory


  • Expert strategy and consulting
  • Best-in-class tools that reinforce one another
  • A custom plan to protect and prepare you for the future
  • We stay one step ahead of cybercriminals so you can focus on your business

You deserve the freedom to lead your business
without worrying about subpar defence.