A Better Simcoe County IT Company| Things We Do Better

We SPECIALIZE in construction services and trades companies.

We understand your incredibly hectic and stressful work schedule, we understand one of your biggest overhead expenses is your staff, when they can’t work you are losing money! WE GET IT! You need a reliable, trustworthy IT provider you can count on and who follows through on promises and deadlines!

We're REPUTABLE and understand your industry

We've been in business in the GTA and Simcoe County for 20 YEARS, we understand your industry and its challenges. Our client retention rate is 95%, a majority of our clients have been with us for FIVE YEARS OR MORE.

You don’t work traditional office hours, we get it!

We understand you do not work the normal 9-5 day, we provide custom support hours to enable you and your staff, no matter when or what projects you are working on.

Finger pointing vendors are SO FRUSTRATING, we get it!

We integrate as a part of your team. We are your company’s one-stop, go-to IT guy for all your technology needs. We remove the finger pointing, blame game and time waste so you can focus on running your business!

We don’t keep your data hostage

Do you know the administrative passwords for all of your computers and network resources? Do you have easy access to them? Most construction services companies don't. We provide regularly updated documentation on your network, assets, system health and administrative passwords so you hold the "keys to the kingdom" at all times.

We treat you like people, not just a screen.

To many IT firms, you are just a number on a spreadsheet. To us, you are a person and a relationship. We know you by name and value you as an individual, we see ourselves as a part of your team, not just a vendor you pay each month.

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