Don’t Upgrade Your Server
Until You Read THIS

Cloud computing is a concept that could save your business quite a bit of money on software, hardware, upgrades and services.

Instead of purchasing hardware and software for your office, with cloud computing you put your programs on a highly secure “superserver” online. All you need is an internet connection to your office and you’re in business.

Here are 9 reasons why “cloud computing” has caught on FAST with small to medium businesses and why you might consider it too:

  • Create An INSTANT Virtual Office. Access and work from any secure PC, laptop or device. If you have employees who travel, are in remote locations or ever need to work from home, this is an ideal solution.
  • Save Hard Dollars On Software, Hardware And Support. Never purchase, install or maintain servers or other network equipment again.
  • Less Downtime and Fewer Problems. Software in the cloud runs on extremely fast and reliable systems that include some form of redundancy. Compare that to your own server going down. Until you get it fixed, you’re unable to work.
  • Automatic Disaster Recovery. If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it 100 times: make sure you back up your data. But, when your data is hosted in the cloud, the backup is easier to implement and accessible from anywhere you work.
  • Less Expensive To Scale Up Or Down. With cloud computing, you pay only for what you need and increase or decrease storage or resources when necessary.
  • Hassle-Free Software. All of your software is loaded on a server in a data center and then shared over the internet. There are no software disks to manage, organize or file.
  • Environmentally Friendly. Cloud computing uses significantly less power in your office. You also won’t have to upgrade your hardware as often, which means fewer PCs, laptops and other components piling up in landfills.
  • No More Expensive Software Upgrades. Networks in the cloud benefit from automatic software upgrades. Best of all, they are done FOR you.
  • Reduced Maintenance. When your software is in the cloud, patches are automatically applied, meaning fewer reboots and downtime for maintenance. It’s all taken care of for you.

Free Cloud Readiness Assessment And Cost Analysis

At no cost or obligation, our highly trained team of IT pros will come to your office and conduct a comprehensive Cloud Readiness Assessment to help determine if your business could benefit from moving to the cloud.

The Assessment Has 3 Parts:

Cost Analysis And Inventory: We’ll look at your current network hardware, software, data and applications. We’ll also compile an IT cost assessment to reveal your total spend on IT, including internet connectivity, support and other fees. Our goal is to find ways we can significantly lower your overall IT costs, while simplifying and improving your workflow.

Health Check: We will perform our Network Health Check Audit of your entire network to look for potential problems, security loopholes, spyware and other hidden problems you might not know about.

Cloud Readiness. After looking at the above areas, we then look at how you and your employees work and see what applications or processes we can safely move to the cloud to improve ease of use and lower your costs.

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