If You Had An Employee That Worked Slow, Prevented You From Getting Work Done And Was A Constant Source Of Aggravation

You'd FIRE Them

So Why Are You Still Tolerating That Slow, Buggy, Outdated Network That’s Driving You Nuts?

Your network is the backbone of your companies IT. Literally it runs EVERYTHING. If your network is not designed and cabled properly everything and every service you try to run over it is DOOMED from the start!

Do you know if your network cabled properly? Is it fully and properly documented? Are your switches modern and interconnected properly? Are you using modern cables and fiber optic uplinks between devices? Are your Printers and Computers regularly going offline for no reason? Do you constantly have issues with WiFi and lack of hardwired jacks to plug machines into?

If you are experiencing these pain points and lost productivity and you’re a business in the GTA or Simcoe County area, we’d like to offer you peice of mind with our professional Business Grade Voice & Data Cabling services.

If you are a new office, or an existing office, or simply re-modeling,
MYDWARE can help ease the burden and offer you professional installation services.

Why Hire Us? 7 Reasons...

  • We GUARANTEE our work. Your network will work properly right from the start or we will not stop until its 100% to your satisfaction and our HIGH standards.
  • We use ONLY high quality cables, and parts, we will NOT cut corners with cheap low quality parts and that’s a GUARANTEE.
  • We do not cut corners when it comes to network jacks, we use only high quality keystones and cables.
  • We Design, Plan, Cable and Connect the entire network, you will not need to rely on third party companies to complete the install.
  • We have YEARS of experience designing, planning and cabling networks for businesses all over the GTA and Simcoe County!
  • We will clean up that mess of wires in your IT room, and properly label all equipment.
  • We will fully document and maintain your network so you hold the keys to the kingdom at all times.

When You Are Sick And Tired Of That Slow Unreliable Network Costing You Time & Money, Or You Are Setting Up A New Office Call Us Today!


Toronto: 416-907-8018

GTA: 905-731-9687

Simcoe County: 705-881-1844

Tollfree: 1-888-MYDWARE