MYDWARE has been instrumental in finding operational efficiencies thru cloud based initiatives, and by lowering our in house technology burden.

MYDWARE has quickly become a trusted valuable part of our business at Bradford Greenhouses.

In a very short time, MYDWARE has transformed the way we manage and interact with our IT systems. They have been instrumental in finding operational efficiencies thru cloud based initiatives, and by lowering our in house technology burden.

MYDWARE has implemented countless new initiatives including a Cybersecurity solution, HELP-DESK, secure remote access to all servers & computers, cloud base back-up, a cloud VoIP phone system, and more to come.

MYDWARE manages and works with our vendors to find innovative solutions, and ways to streamline our processes. I really like that I no longer have to manage dozens of vendors on my own. This is such a relief, and saves me time and aggravation.

Most recently, MYDWARE took the time to explain the importance of cybersecurity, and have since implemented a comprehensive program that makes me feel safe and secure.

In each interaction, I have found their team to be knowledgeable, professional and very responsive to our needs. Without hesitation, I recommend MYDWARE to any business owner looking to grow their business and find efficiencies thru their technology.

Testimonial 1

They are extremely responsive and totally customer centered.

MYDWARE is a great IT service provider, they have met and exceeded all our expectations. They are extremely responsive and totally customer centered. They are constantly trying to find cost-effective ways to help improve our business processes.

MYDWARE manages our entire IT service, a single vendor that takes care of our entire IT needs, I highly recommend the professional IT services we get from MYDWARE to any business owner.

Testimonial 2

I feel secure and supported - you guys hit the nail on the head every time.

Our previous company barely got anything done and we had to follow up on everything. The commitment MYDWARE makes to us is greatly appreciated, you guys are a part of our office. Setting up our office was a tough decision. Now that we’re up and running I feel secure and supported. As we grew, we came to understand downtime with increased staff is very expensive. MYDWARE followed up on every issue at each stage to ensure that our goals were met. To me, that is a must. Following up on items after they are completed to ensure satisfaction is just as important as doing them, and you guys hit that on the nail every time. Keep up the good work!!

Testimonial 3

The biggest difference between other IT companies is their leadership. MYDWARE actually cares and treats you like a person.

We are a company who shopped our IT pricing after a door-to-door sales person told us how much we could save.   What a big mistake we made.   The initial offer made it sound significantly less however, there were so many hidden factors (like purchasing extremely expensive phone systems/software). Not mention during the switch over our service ended up being disconnected on three different occasions.   This provider was a large company and I was blown away by how much information was lost between departments.  It was such an unpleasant experience, we tried hard to cancel but we were now locked into a contract with high penalties if we were to cancel.  I have since moved my service back and it is such a relief! I’m too busy to stress over my IT and since we returned our phones and internet back to MYDWARE, it has taken away so many of my headaches.  MYDWARE stands behind their products and will go above and beyond to ensure their service is operating correctly

MYDWARE has managed our IT for the past 15 years.  If we have an issue, it’s a simple call and they resolve it.  If we require a new system or service MYDWARE always provides detailed options and different pricing. I trust MYDWARE and believe that they have our company’s best interest at heart. My typical answer when reviewing the different options is, “what do you think we should do” and most likely go off their response.

Whenever we hire a new employee we simply let MYDWARE know and they setup the computer, email, cloud login and everything else from the IT stand point.

MYDWARE monitors our systems and automatically does updates and backups.  It is nice to have a single point-of-contact for all of our IT needs.

Testimonial 4

You get what you pay for - My systems work! If anything goes wrong it gets fixed fast.

Since MYDWARE has been looking after our system, we have had little to no down time, viruses or malware.  The backup service provided to us is essential and makes me feel safe with my company’s data.  The new cloud desktop I just signed up for allows me to access the system from wherever I am, and that has been a huge bonus in time-saving .  Yes, it costs money but so does everything else, from good food, good wine, to clothes and cars.

Price is always on people’s minds, “am I paying too much for what I am getting”.  Well, I can honestly say that I know the answer.  I was working at a job when one owner said to the other “ why do we pay these guys this much” the other owner answered him the next week when all hell broke loose and we dealt with the situation and got to the solution as quick as possible,  “that’s why,” he said.  When things go wrong, and they will, you want confident and reliable people to deal with it, and that costs, the right amount, not too much.

Testimonial 5

We have peace of mind and a single vendor to work with - one call and issues are resolved.

Since we moved to MYDWARE we have had piece of mind.  When, and if, there is an issue we know with just a phone call it will be fixed and we can continue with our work day.  MYDWARE streamlines all our services and we do not have to deal with a plethora of companies.  One call and it is done.

Testimonial 6

I take their advice because I learned the hard way.

I’ve been a customer for 19 years.  I take MYDWARE’s advice because I learned the hard way the extra cost of not doing it right the first time around.   We tried doing things with always price as the concern and learned over time it ends up being more expensive and is not worth it.   For my company, reliable equipment that doesn’t cause down time is our focus these days, it costs us a lot more when we are down.    So we trust MYDWARE to provide fair competitive prices and over the years we have full trust and faith that we are getting fair market pricing.

MYDWARE offers competitive pricing and different options depending on your budget, my company has very little down time if ever, my computers are scanned and updated daily to prevent issues.   MYDWARE is quick to get a hold of and deals with urgent matters very quickly.

Testimonial 7

Their foundation is solid - any issues will be quickly addressed!

As a software developer, we have no worries about their IT infrastructure. The foundation is solid and any issues that do arise will be quickly addressed. I have come to enjoy rapid response times and a high level of technical proficiency. With a minimal explanation of the problem, they resolve problems quickly.

Testimonial 8

We think of MYDWARE like a member of our family.

We’ve been with MYDWARE for over 10 years now. We get a single solution, no nonsense provider for everything my company uses.   MYDWARE has always been fast, knowledgeable and friendly to deal with.   I always feel the advice they give is transparent, professional and exactly what we need to address particular challenges we face.   We literally have every single one of our IT services with MYDWARE and things just work! When I need help, it is a simple phone call or email away.

Testimonial 9

Your business should absolutely work with MYDWARE!

MYDWARE offers us all-in-one service (one stop shop), with the ease of working with one company we can focus on running our business.   Having everything under one platform provides us with rapid response and updates from a knowledgeable and friendly team.

Testimonial 10

MYDWARE is always available when I need them, they explain things in a non-technical way to me.

I've had nothing but a positive experience working with MYDWARE - over the years we've been using their service and relying on them for our we site and webhosting.  Although I don't have a great deal of technical knowledge, MYDWARE is always available when I need them, they explain things in a non-technical way to me and promptly assists me with any requests I have. I would absolutely recommend their services!

Testimonial 11

It’s the personal touch that makes the biggest difference.

With my limited IT knowledge, managing and maintaining my IT services was always my biggest headache in my business.  With MYDWARE, I no longer need to worry about any issues related to my IT and I am able to focus 100% on my own business.

It’s the personal touch that makes the biggest difference than other IT firms that I have worked with in the past. You know there is always someone behind the phone or screen ready to help you.

If you are looking for a cost effective, user friendly, IT solution company, I can personally vouch that MYDWARE is the right choice for you. If there is one thing that I regret about MYDWARE, is “Why didn’t I know them sooner?”

Testimonial 12

Fast Response Times – We are in retail and time is money!

MYDWARE's service, support and online portal give me full control over our phone systems at our retail stores. The assistance you are getting is quite immediate, which helps us a lot as we are in retail and time is money.  It is handy as a business administrator to access things like voicemail, recorded phone calls, or even rebooting the phone remotely.  I love the fact, if I have any inquiries regarding things like finding a certain recording, how to program a phone to forward calls, your IT solution platform online provide assistance right away.

Testimonial 13

It’s really a one stop shop - without any of the hassles/penny pinching.

The multitude of service offerings that we can get through MYDWARE is truly anything a business would need to operate – it’s really a one stop shop, just an all-around superior product set at a great value compared to some of the larger players out there.  Without any of the hassles/penny pinching you see at other providers. Oh, and they’re friendly too.

MYDWARE is second to none when it comes to the services they provide, they continue to add new services and platforms to help make their customers lives easier and more productive wherever or wherever you happen to compute.

Testimonial 14

MYDWARE is always quick to respond and patiently coaches me thru the steps.

MYDWARE has been very patient with my limited amount of knowledge. their ability to explain thoroughly has improved my understanding of website development and hosting.

Unknowingly, my company had allowed third party web host companies to maintain control of our website. Thanks to MYDWARE, they brought this to our attention and assisted me to regain control of our information. I now trust MYDWARE's advice and rely upon their guidance.

I love the MYDWARE It service. I can change information independently, without third party costs. When I need assistance, MYDWARE, is always quick to respond and they patiently coach me through the steps.

Testimonial 15

We have had no downtime in the last three years.

For the last three years I have been working with MYDWARE, they have provided a stable, consistent phone service for us.  In the last three years we’ve had no downtime.  In addition to the stable service, the cost savings have been considerable. Call quality has been great too. Personally, I have found MYDWARE to be a helpful and a knowledgeable resource who is always available when we need him.

Testimonial 16

You get an owner that truly cares and that makes all the difference in the world.

Over the last 18 years, I have always enjoyed the personal touch anytime I need assistance.  In each interaction I always felt important and that I was not just another customer.   I run a SMB business myself, I know how important it is to not lose touch with clients.  I can say in all honesty, I've always felt the team at MYDWARE cares about me and my company on a personal level.

Give the team at MYDWARE a chance and watch how they exceed your expectations. It's that personal touch with an owner that truly cares that makes all the difference in the world.

Trusting MYDWARE is an easy justification for me.

Testimonial 17

MYDWARE has always given me great service.

I have been dealing with MYDWARE for over 12 years and they have always given great service. They display a high level of expertise in the IT field and have been a pleasure to work with. I recommend MYDWARE for all IT needs.

Testimonial 18

I have no understanding of IT, MYDWARE solves all of this for me.

I have worked with MYDWARE since 2007. They have always been professional, efficient and reliable. I run a personal training business, I have no background or understanding of IT. MYDWARE was able to quickly get me setup on a professional domain, email and website for my clients.   If you don’t understand technical stuff and want someone you can trust, I recommend their services to anyone or any business.

Testimonial 19

MYDWARE is always fast and responsive to our needs.

Our company has been using MYDWARE for 17 years for our all of our communication needs including IP phones, web hosting and computer support. They have always been very responsive and forthcoming with solutions to keep the business running. We have referred many of our own customers to MYDWARE so if you’re looking for an honest, professional and courteous IT provider, you are in good hands!

Testimonial 20

Working with MYDWARE has been nothing but spectacular.

Working with MYDWARE over the last year has been nothing but spectacular. Very polite, courteous and professional. Being a contractor in this fast-paced world doesn't leave a lot of time for me to keep up with technology. MYDWARE has taken care of all our needs.

Well Done!!!! Would highly recommend him and the company to anyone.

Testimonial 21