You get what you pay for - My systems work! If anything goes wrong it gets fixed fast.

Since MYDWARE has been looking after our system, we have had little to no down time, viruses or malware.  The backup service provided to us is essential and makes me feel safe with my company’s data.  The new cloud desktop I just signed up for allows me to access the system from wherever I am, and that has been a huge bonus in time-saving .  Yes, it costs money but so does everything else, from good food, good wine, to clothes and cars.

Price is always on people’s minds, “am I paying too much for what I am getting”.  Well, I can honestly say that I know the answer.  I was working at a job when one owner said to the other “ why do we pay these guys this much” the other owner answered him the next week when all hell broke loose and we dealt with the situation and got to the solution as quick as possible,  “that’s why,” he said.  When things go wrong, and they will, you want confident and reliable people to deal with it, and that costs, the right amount, not too much.

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