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If You Had A Car Mechanic Promising You UNLIMITED Repairs On Your Car, UNLIMITED Parts and UNLIMITED Shop Time & Resources For $4.00 Per Month

You'd LAUGH Them Off

So Why Are You Still Tolerating Web Hosting Companies Who Make The Exact Same UNLIMITED Service Claims?

The simple fact is there is NO SUCH THING as UNLIMITED (just read their fine print and Terms Of Service). No computer or server has unlimited resources (CPU, RAM, Disk Space etc). This is a sneaky marketing ploy designed to dupe you into buying from them. To these types of hosting providers it's a numbers game, they make money by massively overselling their network and servers this is why your website runs slow and why you can never reach technical support when you need them.

If you're a business in the GTA or Simcoe County area, and you're looking for a fully managed service provider who can help you with ALL areas of your webhosting business (Domains, SSL Certificates, Webhosting, Web Design, Support) and everything in between give us a call!

Who Is IS A Good Fit For Our Business Webhosting Service?

  • Business Owners who want to be known as a person instead of a NUMBER: We know you and your company by name, we are your single point of contact right thru resolution
  • Business Owner's who know how time consuming and FRUSTRATING it is to sit on hold forever: We get it, they keep you on hold forever, send your call overseas, frustrate you to no end and can't seem to get anything done. Your busy running your business, you don't have time to spend on this. Let us manage this for you.
  • Offices With One Or More Service From Us: If your office already has VoIP, Backup, Flat Rate IT or any of our other services it makes sense to only have to deal with a single vendor when issues Arise
  • Clients with Limited Internet Skills: We will do all the heavy lifting for setting up DNS, to SSL, to Webhosting Packages. You know you need a website, but your not sure how to set it all up – we can help
  • Busy CEOs and Office Mangers: When your website needs to be updated or tweaked and you do not have the time or still to do it in house – we can help.

Who Is NOT A Good Fit For Our Business Webhosting Service?

  • The I want UNLIMITED everything's user. Sorry but this is just not our business model. We cater to business grade clients who need reliable stable webhosting service
  • The Value Shopper. If you're main primary goal for seeking Webhosting is to get the absolute bare bones cheapest price possible we are not a good-fit.
  • The DYI'er. If you like to tinker with your own website then get frustrated and irate because it's not working, we are not a good-fit. We offer a fully hands off managed service for business users who are too busy to manage this on their own.
  • Gamers / Movie Streamers. We provide Business Grade Webhosting to our clients for Business use and purposes, our service is designed to empower business applications and cloud services we provide not to run games and movie streaming services.

When You Need A Fully Managed Service Provider To Help You With All Your Website and Webhosting Needs, Give Us A Call or Fill in The Form on This Page.

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