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Ontario Nurses College is the target of a Ransomware Attack.

The College of Nurses of Ontario, which oversees about 188,000 members, offered few details about what it had previously referred to only as a “cybersecurity incident” it discovered Sept. 8. "(The college) was affected by ransomware," spokeswoman Angela Smith said.

The Astronomical Growth in Successful Breaches Around the World

Databreaches are a WORLDWIDE problem that affects all of us. Here are some of the biggest data breaches over the last 10 years. Notice the year over year trend of astronomical growth in successful breaches around the world. Chances are ...

Do you know what a CEO Scam looks like? How about a Spear Phishing attack?

In this example, we will show you a REAL WORLD example that was very nearly successful. It showcases a cybercriminal combining both tactics to target this organization. While we have redacted the organization's private information and obtained their consent to ...

President & CEO, Darryl Cresswell, Signs Publishing Deal To Co-Author the book, “On Thin Ice”

Big news! Our President and CEO, Darryl Cresswell has just signed a book publishing deal with TechnologyPress™ in partnership with industry-leading cybersecurity experts to co-author a book on cybersecurity - "On Thin Ice". Get the details of the release here

RANSOMED - Brookfield Residential - A local home and real estate developer with 5.7 billion in assets is the latest victim of the DarkSide Ransomware

Yet another local Canadian company falls victim to ransomware. This time its homebuilder Brookfield Residential and they are the DarkSide Ransomware's newest victim. Brookfield Residential is a planned community and single-family home builder with $5.7 billion in assets.

Sneaky Ways Cybercriminals Attack Your Network And What You Can Do To Prevent It NOW

If you own a small business, your business is a target for hackers. According to a report by 4iQ, a cyber security analyst firm, from 2017 to 2019, there was a 424% increase in the number of attacks on small ...


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