VIDEO 1 - HACKED!!!! It really is this easy, watch it for yourself. Fellow business owners take notice.

Watch what our local grade 11 co-op student was able to do with freely available tools, and some simple Google searches.

In this simulation our co-op student Brandon will show what can happen after opening a bad file attachment or clicking a malicious link in an email.

Have you ever wanted to see what a hacker does to your computer from the hackers perspective? Have you ever wondered how they spy on you, how they steal your private data, or how they watch you and listen to your most private conversations?

MYDWARE was approached by a local high school seeking to place student for co-op. Given the current pandemic, we wanted to find a way to help our community, our co-op student as well as our audience. We thought it would be educational and informational to put together an informational video series of our co-op student demonstrating some of the most common hacks in a simple to understand non-technical way.

In this video, you saw our co-op student demonstrate how a hacker can easily take control of your machine, see what's on your screen, your webcam, and even spy on you using your microphone. You got to see this from the attacker's perspective as well as the victim machine perspective side by side.

We hope you find this video series informative and educational.

This content is being provided for EDUCATIONAL purposes only. It's always best to consult with an IT Professional if you think you may have fallen victim to an attack like this.