MYDWARE IT Solutions Inc. has built a world class phone system which we've partitioned into individual "pbx nodes" which are completely private and separate from all other customers on the system. This is similar to how phone lines work with a traditional telephone carrier.
A traditional analog carrier provides phone lines from a central system into your office, you then plug your traditional phone equipment into that connection. With our Hosted PBX, the entire system is housed in our secure data-center instead of in your office. Your only equipment in your office is the actual phones. Another key difference is that we provide your service over your internet connection vs a traditional copper line connection to your building. To connect to your hosted PBX your IP phone plugs into your modem or router which is connected to your high speed internet connection.

A Good Quality Local Network Is Essential
We cannot over emphasize enough the importance of having a good quality VoIP network in your office. This is likely to be the very key to the success of your hosted PBX solution. Good quality parts, good quality cables are all major contributing factors to good quality VoIP. In many instances clients use dual networks, one for Voice one for Data, in doing so, they ensure that their data traffic will never impede their voice traffic.

A Good Quality Internet Connection Is Essential
Typically speaking, your internet connection is normally the bottleneck in a network as it is a much smaller connection than that of your internal network. This is why choosing a proper internet connection with plenty of bandwidth is critical in the design of your voice network. Many customers opt to have a second dedicated internet connect just for voice traffic.

How Do I Setup A Good Quality Network?
First and foremost, you need to use good quality parts and cables. This cannot be overstated enough. Your network is the backbone and the very engine that will drive your system, here is not the place to try and save money by opting for cheaper hardware, this will come back to bite you in the end. Second thing you will need is a qualified person to design, cable and setup your network. If you are local to the GTA this is a service, we can provide you with.