Why Is Onsite Backup Important
The primary advantage to a Local ONSITE backup server is SPEED. Today's networks operate at gigabit speeds, which are lighting fast compared to the speed of your internet connection. As such, doing things such as bare-metal-restores or large file backups can be expedited by running over your local network vs. your internet connection.

Do I Need A Local Backup
For smaller offices, and small servers with low volumes of data, a local backup server may not be required, in these instances a cloud backup solution is able to offer enough protection.

For larger offices with more than one server, or servers with a lot of files, or mission critical servers, we always recommend a local backup server. Primary reason for this is, recovery over your local network is going to be night and day faster than recovery of data over your internet connection.

Do I Need A Cloud Backup Too
Ask yourself this, "What would happen if I had a fire, flood, theft or vandalism in my office that damaged my main server, as well as, my backup?" How would your company cope? If this scenario would be disastrous to your company, then a cloud backup component is absolutely recommended. In the event something happened to your office, you could still recover your files and data.