Cybersecurity Awareness Episode 1: Passwords - we debut a short 3-minute video on how we see passwords being misused by people all the time. Are you or your co-workers guilty of any of these really bad password practices? Cybercriminals have much success in breaching your data and company accounts because many of us have really bad password hygiene. This short educational video will help you stay safe. After you watch the video, scroll down, and quiz yourself to see if you need to improve anywhere.

POP QUIZ: If you answer YES to any of these questions below - you have an unhealthy password practice that is putting you at risk!

  • Do you use the same password for everything?
  • Do you have multi-factor authentication disabled on websites that support it?
  • Do you not know what a password manager is or do you not use one?
  • Do you have a 'sheet of passwords' printed out anywhere?
  • Do you ever say or think 'we are too small, nobody cares about our data'?
  • Do you have a simple to guess dictionary word password?
  • Do you use 'clever passwords' like 'Passw0rd123!' or 'letmein' ?
  • Do you use 'easy to guess passwords' like the name of your spouse, child, pet or date of birth?
  • Is your password 'hidden' under your keyboard or stuck to your screen with a post-it note?

Recommended Best Practices:

  • Use Long, Random passwords for ALL work and personal accounts
  • Do not use your work email for personal accounts
  • Do no use the same password more than once on any given website
  • Use a password manager
  • Use Multi-Factor authentication everywhere that its available

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