Think you know all the important cybersecurity facts? Think again! In today’s world, there are surprising facts that many overlook. In this blog, we reveal these hidden truths to help you better protect your online life. Whether you're tech-savvy or just curious, these insights will change the way you think about online security.

These intriguing facts will change the way you think about cybersecurity. Buckle up, and let’s start with the cybersecurity facts!

6 Cybersecurity Facts You Should Know

1. Only 66% of businesses are worried about cybersecurity risks.

Did you know that 66% of businesses are worried about cybersecurity risks? Our burning question is, what rock does the other 34% sleep under? Seriously, we'd love to know. Maybe it has Wi-Fi! But, in all seriousness, this level of concern isn't unwarranted. Cyber threats are increasing exponentially, and every business, regardless of size, is a target.

2. The average cost of a data breach to small-to-medium sized businesses.

For small to medium businesses, the average cost of a data breach is a jaw-dropping $149,000. Yes, you read that right. That’s enough to buy a shiny new sports car, or, you know, secure your business. According to a recent study for "Cost of a Data Breach Report 2023," the global average total cost of a data breach reached $4.45 million. While that number might seem astronomical, it highlights the fact that cybersecurity isn't just an expense; it's a cybersecurity investment.

3. 52% of small businesses experienced a cyberattack in the last year.

So why do so many people pull the covers over their heads and pretend the bad guys can't see them? The answer often boils down to the perceived expense of implementing the right solution. A recent study reveals that 52% of small businesses experienced a cyberattack in the last year, but many still think they're too small to be targeted.

Here’s the plot twist: you’ll be amazed by the cost-effectiveness of the enterprise cybersecurity stack we implement for our clients. It’s like getting a guard dog for the price of a goldfish. Our solutions are tailored to fit your budget without compromising on security.

4. London Drugs $25 million ransomware attack.

In May 2024, London Drugs, a popular Canadian pharmacy chain, faced a digital crisis. A group of cybercriminals called LockBit targeted them with ransomware, a kind of digital hostage situation. They demanded a whopping $25 million to release London Drugs' data.

It's like a modern-day showdown, but instead of gunslingers, we've got hackers with keyboards! London Drugs had to decide: pay up or risk having their private information leaked.

5. It’s not "if", but "when".

In the world of cybersecurity, the question isn’t "if" you’ll get hit, but "when." Hackers are out there, working 24/7, and they don’t take holidays. In fact, Cybersecurity Ventures predicts that cybercrime will cost the world $10.5 trillion annually by 2025. This isn't a threat you can afford to ignore. So, don't be a sitting duck; protect your business now.

6. The cost-effective solution.

Many businesses are under the misconception that robust cybersecurity measures are out of their financial reach. However, MYDWARE IT Solutions Inc.’s enterprise cybersecurity stack proves that you can have top-notch protection without breaking the bank. From firewalls to intrusion detection systems, we provide comprehensive solutions that safeguard your data and your reputation.

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