Darryl Cresswell's - mission has been to develop an industry leading cybersecurity service to protect Small to Medium-Sized Business (SMBs) across North America.

Darryl has been offering personalized Digital Adoption Plans for over 20 years.  Government certification was a logical next step and allows his organization to service a wider range of SMBs.

Leveraging established frameworks, and following industry best practices, he transformed MYDWARE IT Solutions Inc. into a tightly integrated security platform that supports SMBs in their digital transformation thru customized Digital Adoption Plans.

Darryl continues to pave the way for other IT firms, and IT Departments across North America in their digital transformation, helping them implement a comprehensive cybersecurity service they now use to protect their clients & employees.   Darryl has also written 2 books on cybersecurity, one of which became a Top Seller on Amazon in 2020.

Darryl enjoys supporting the underdog and makes good use of his digital excellence. As a Government Certified Adviser or Digital Adoption Specialist his organization is uniquely positioned to provide high value, high impact digital transformation strategies to SMBs nationwide.