Hi Small Business Owners, welcome to this edition of "Lies they Believe", and "The Truths, I Know"

In this video we'll uncover another common cybersecurity misconception I hear when I speak to Small Business Owners.

"Number 12 - Darryl - I don’t have anything of value that a hacker would want."

But you see, that just isn't the truth.  The TRUTH IS, cybercriminals target YOU and your data because YOU want your data, and YOU want it kept confidential.

In many cases you’re probably accurate, they most likely don’t care about the contents of your data, but they do care what financial gains can be achieved by holding it hostage - OR - releasing it to the world on the Dark web.

Folks remember this, Kidnappers do not kidnap your children because they are trying to start a family.  They kidnap your kids because YOU want your kids, and it's YOU who want them back safe and sound.

When it comes to cybercrime, the information on your computer systems is no different.

Typically, it's not the contents of your data that’s valuable, it is holding it hostage from you, or threating to release it to the world unless you pay a ransom, that's valuable to them.

Remember, they know your data its valuable to you, and that you want it kept confidential and unharmed.

It’s a sobering statistic that, most SMB's who suffer a cyberattack are out of business within 6 months.  Most often its due to, irreparable reputational damage, legal, and financial costs associated with a cyberattack, and folks, many of these SMB's still don’t even have cybersecurity insurance.

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