This eye-opening demo shows you how devastating RANSOMWARE is to your business.

You are probably wondering WHY ON EARTH would we allow our co-op student to install RANSOMWARE on our own machine.

Simply put, many people we talk to still do not know what ransomware actually is or how it works, or what it even looks like.

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, a video must be worth a million. Regardless, we decided to show you this devastating attack in real life.

NOTE: In this demo, we have oversimplified many aspects to make it easy to follow and easy to understand. We used an old ransomware attack "WannaCry" just for illustration purposes. It's very important to note that today's ransomware attacks are a lot more sophisticated and the ransom demands are MUCH higher than you'll see in this video.

Remember, one of the most common ways ransomware enters your work environment is thru email phishing or visiting a malicious website. Your employees are your front line of defense, it's critical to invest in security awareness training for your employees.

We urge everyone to do their part in fighting this global problem, raise your security awareness, and keep safe.